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This is not working!

I have been so excited all day to get all of my food pics and get them on here, but I must not be so computer smart.  I took pics of all of my eats today and have lost half of them just trying to load them onto my computer.  I think I am finally getting the hang of what I need to do.  Oh well…hopefully tomorrow will be better.  Oh, I forgot my other problem. My camera will not take any clear pictures.  They are all blurry and I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Grrrr! How frustrating!  Any way, on with life…. How was your day?  I hope everyone had a good one!

I woke up this morning at 5am like I do every most mornings to get my workout in. Today was HIIT day so I jumped on the treadmill and took off.  I did it for 20 min and was beat when I was finished. It went like this

0 incline

3 mph for 2 min

6mph for 1 min

3mph for 1 min

6.2mph for 1 min

3mph for 1 min

6.4mph for 1 min

3mph for 1 min

6.6mph for 1 min

3mph for 1 min

6.8mph for 1 min

3mph for 1 min

7.0mph for 1 min

3mph for 1 min

7.2mph for 1 min

3mph for 1 min

7.4mph for 1 min

3mph for 1 min

7.6mph for 1 min

8.5mph for 1 min


After a killer HIIT, I jumped in the shower and got dressed for work.  I made some breakfast, which consisted of 1 egg, 2 additional whites, and a piece of whole wheat toast.  Yum! I would show you a picture, but if you remember our earlier conversation, I was saying how that wasn’t working out the greatest for some pictures 😦  Seriously….you all know what eggs and toast look like!

I got to work at 9:00 and stared working on the computer. About 10:00 my belly told me I was hungry. So I wondered into my break room and had this:


I could eat this for every meal of the day! I got back to work for a little while, but lets be honest…its Friday and I really didn’t want to do anything.  Lunch time rolled around and involved some chicken breast, green beans, and left over scalloped potatoes.  < try to get a mental image cuz you aren’t going to see what this looks like either 😦 >

The rest of the afternoon went so slow. I kept watching the clock hoping it would go faster than it was. At 3:00 my co-worker came into work.  It was her birthday so she took part of the day off.  Last night I made her some cookies and might have had one. They were so good……I mean…..everyone else said they tasted good 😉


Oh Finally it was 5:00. Time to get out of here! I came home and was planning to make chicken stuffed shells (Thanks Danica) and hopped right to it.  They were so good.


Now I am sitting on the couch blogging and will probably head to bed after this.  My hubby was not feeling to good after dinner so he is already in bed.  Hope you all have a great evening!


P.S. I will try to work out a few more of the kinks with my blogging skills for the next post!


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  1. Yeah!!! You made the chicken stuffed shells – arn’t they awesome?! They are even better the next day 🙂

    I have found using the flower setting on my camera makes a big difference in making my pictures clear and focused.

    Have you checked out Windows Live Writer? It’s FREE to download it and honestly it is my FAVORITE tool for blogging. If you have a mac though it won’t work with it 😦

    You are doing great so far – great HIIT! Have an awesome weekend and honestly feel free to email me any time with any questions. If I can help answer them I will 🙂

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