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Lack of planning….

Hello Blogland!  I hope everyone’s weekend is going great. I will warn you in advance that this post is not going to be too good on the food pics as this weekend has not been one of my best 😦   As the title mentions, lack of planning…..absoluatly screws me when it comes to nutrition and exercising.  I went to bed Friday night with no idea what I was doing the next morning.  I usually have my workouts written out and my food for the day jotted down (at least a slight food plan so I don’t panic when I can’t decide what to eat), but I had done none of that. Well, I have obviously realized that I have to plan everything out in advance in order to stay on track with workouts and eating.  You will see what I  mean throughout my post.


Well, for starters I stayed up Friday night till midnight so I slept in till 8:30am.  I got up and plopped my butt down on the couch and started watching food network. Hello….you need to work out! Nope…I decided to eat a bowl of cereal.  I guess at least I picked something a little bit better for me then….coco puffs or something!


I hopped in the shower and headed off the go Christmas shopping.  I HATE shopping more than anything in the world. I had my list made out and only went in and got what I needed and got out. It was great other than everyone else in the worl thought they needed to get their shopping done early too! Oh well…only 3 more gifts to get and we are done.

I was hungry when I got home at 3:00pm…what happened to eating every three hours Melissa? I heated up some left over stuffed shells with a small bit of salad.  Yes, I know, it is a re-used picture.  I see a lot of that in the blog world so i figured it wouldn’t hurt if I did it too.  Minus the garlic bread this time though 🙂


Dinner rolled around and this is when even more disaster struck.



Seriously?  Im not even going to explain the situation. I did it and am not proud of it.


I woke up late again with no plan. I ate no breakfast this morning and had lunch at about 12:00pm. It involved this:PICT0292

If you think that is bad, wait till you see what the afternoon involved.


Well, I guess at least half of that pic was on the right track. What am I doing to myself?  To get back on track I am sitting down and writing out my workouts for the week and my meals. Back on track tomorrow.

I figured since this was such a negative post, I would finish off with pics of the zoo we have here 🙂

Levi- He is a black lab mix and you will not believe this, but he is 18 years old and still going.


Bullet- this is Josh’s dog. I don’t know what kind he is but I think he has chow in him.


Flynt- this is my dog.  I told you mine was cuter than Josh’s haha.  He is a border collie.


Pony- His name is Mickey (like the mouse) but I hate that name so I just call him Pony.


Sam-the goat.


Before I offend anyone for having my dog’s on chains, let me explain….when you are pouring concrete in your garage, you cannot have dogs running in and out of there. They are all 3 outside dogs and probably get more attention than some inside dogs do.  They are always running loose unless they are tied up for certain circumstances, such as this one.  We let the older dog in at night so he can sleep by the fire but the other two love being outside.  In the winter they dig holes in the snow and sleep there.  They love the snow.  So, for you who think I am being cruel to my animals for leaving them outside, mind your own business! Like I said earlier, I know for a fact, seeing it first hand, that our outside dogs are better taken care of then some people’s inside dogs!

I hope all of you have a great rest of the evening and I will be back tomorrow with healthy food pics and a workout.  I will be up at 5am tomorrow morning for it!



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