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Yummy in My Tummy

Good evening to all of you. Today has been a great day on the home front and I accomplished all of my goals for the day. Yay for me ūüôā

I started out with a killer upper body workout. I was a sweaty beast when I was finished. It felt so good after this weekend of bod choices.

5 min warmup on the elliptical


  • dumbbell¬†rows 3×15
  • pull ups 2×15
  • alternating each with ball crunch x 15¬†


  • shoulder press 3×15
  • upright rows 2×15
  • alternating each with decline crunch x15


  • chest press 3×15
  • incline dumbbell¬†flys 2×15
  • alternating each with v-ups x10


  • incline curls 3×15
  • concentration curls 2×15
  • alternating each with oblique crunch x15 each side


  • tricep dips 3×15
  • tricep kickbacks 2×15
  • alternating each with leg lifts x15

It took about 50 min and I felt like a million bucks when i was finished.  I grabbed some of this on my way to make breakfast:

I cooked up some breakfast and quickly ate it before getting in the shower.

1 egg, 3 additional whites, 2 pc whole wheat toast and a lil’ butter. Yum!

I headed off to work for the day…brrr it was so cold outside.¬† I don’t really care for this Ohio weather even though it is November and 55 degrees.

My belly wanted to eat about 9:30 so I grabbed an apple and some naturally more peanut butter.

One of our contract shops brought us in a little marketing gift today…yum…at least that is what my co worker said as she was eating her sixth one. I actually didn’t even have one bite.

I worked a little more on applications at work and spreadsheets, and blog reading…oops. Then It was time for lunch.¬† I brought a grilled chicken breast and some edamame, but just was not feeling it. So I headed to subway and thoroughly enjoyed my turkey and ham sandwich.

After lunch I headed to WallyWorld to get my groceries for the week.  We get an hour paid lunch at work so I usually use mine to go get my groceries.  We have a fridge at work so I can even do this in the summer and bring my stuff inside to keep it cold. Perfect!

I got back to work and grabbed a yogurt out of the fridge before heading to my desk.¬† WHAT…..a suprise box on my desk!

Wait, I know what that is and it is one of my favorite foods in the whole world…..PUMPKIN BREAD!!!!

I have a friend that worked at Bob Evans and when my boss went there to eat lunch, she sent some back for me. What a doll. 

I shared with one of my co-workers so I wouldn’t eat both pieces myself.

They tasted horrible ūüėČ

At 5 oclock¬†on the dot I was out the door. I was so excited to try a new recipe tonight for¬† a breakfast casserole…yes I know it was dinner time but we like breakfast for dinner. I got home a realized I didn’t sit out the turkey bacon to thaw during the day :(.¬† Looks like I will be trying that new recipe tomorrow.¬† Instead I had a handful of these and a sip of that while I decided what to make.¬†

¬†Finally at about 6:30…dinner! I had 2 mini pancakes and 1 egg with 3 additional whites. It was very yummy and filling.

I unloaded the dishwasher, loaded it again, threw a load of laundry in, and folded the load that was done.¬† I call that pretty productive for the night.¬† I think I deserve to sit on my couch and read a few blogs, don’t you think?

I am really getting the hang of this whole blog thing and am really loving it. I look forward to talking to you all tomorrow.




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