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I’m In!

Boy has it been awhile since I posted….I need to get better at this.  Well, it is going to get better from here on out! 

My last post had to do with the goals I have set for myself and I am very excited to get into the mode of working towards those everyday.  Over the last few days I have been thinking about how unhappy I truly am with myself.  I hate myself and I don’t like how my mood is or how I am towards others.  I am ready for a change.  I decided to start doing Body For Life last March and have since then started and stopped about 20 times.  If your not sure what Body For Life is, you can check out this girls post: Janetha   She did excellent with it and I get so much motivation from her site.  Thanks girl!

All I want to do is be happy with myself and my life and be a healthy active person.  I realized looking back these last few days that I have never really completed a Body For Life challenge by the book.  I have given up every time.

Well……I am officially going to do one.  I am very excited!!  From here on out I will be following the workouts to a T and eating healthy, wholesome foods to fuel my body.  I am going to wake up happy every morning with a new way of thinking about myself.  I am going to do it this time.  There is NO quitting involved!

So stay tuned because I will be blogging my workouts, eats, and thoughts on the program for the next twelve weeks as I complete my physical and MENTAL transformation.

See you all tomorrow night for a recap of day 1.  🙂




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